School of Marxism

The school has actively promoted educational reform and subject construction for years, enhancing the quality of graduates. The teaching quality of both general courses and compulsory courses on Ideology and Politics ranks high among Hunan universities at the same level and has positive social effect. The academic team of the courses has been awarded as the provincial key construction team. M...

School of Law

The school has 27 faculty members, including 7 professors, 8 associate professors and 12 lecturers or assistant lecturers. Among them 4 obtain doctorate degree and 23 own master degree. Great achievements have been made in subject and discipline construction, such as Provincial Excellent Course “Civil and Commercial Law” and “Wanke Experimental Class” based on the collaboration with the c...

School of Fine Arts and Design

We have great staff and outstanding conditions. Among the 65 faculty members, 10 are professors and associate professors; 16 lecturers. 39 of them have either doctorate or master degrees. Many have graduated from famous universities such as Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts, China Academy of Fine Arts, China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Sichuan Academy of Fine Art...

School of Foreign Languages

?The schoolcurrently has 1060 full-time students and 90 faculties,including 5 professors, 21 associate professors- and 3 foreign teachers. Among them, there are 3Provincial Backbone Young Teachers, 1 Provincial Excellent Teacher, 1Provincial Teaching Expert, 1 Municipal Excellent Teacher, 2 of Top10 CampusTeachers, 2 elected in Municipal and Provincial Talent Plan, and 10 expertssp...

School of Business

The school currently has 56 faculty members, among whom 8 are professors, 5 are doctorate degree holders. The school has a postgraduate education base of Rural and Regional Development, one provincial demonstration base of university-enterprise cooperative education, one provincial innovative-ability training center for undergraduates of business administration, one provincial demonstration b...

School of Education

School of Education has 4 undergraduate specialties: Applied Psychology, Humanities Education, Pre-school Education and Early Years Education (Sino-British Franchise Program). The department enrolls students from across China with about 800 students on campus at present. So far, the employment rate of the graduates in the school has been 100%. The school now boasts a faculty of 37 members, ...

International Students

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