Office of Personnel Management

The Office of Personnel Management is responsiblefor designing, developing, and implementing a comprehensive personnelmanagement program to serve the university community and attract, reward andretain a high quality faculty and staff. The Office of Personnel Management iscommitted to delivering programs and services that make HUHST employer ofchoice.

The detailed functional scope is as follows:

1. To advise supervisory personnel on theinterpretation of university labor agreements, policies, and procedures;

2. To act as advisors to employees and supervisorsto resolve conflicts, promote effective working relationships, and providingguidance regarding career advancement;

3. To monitor compensation policies and practiceswithin the university;

4. To administer the university’s benefits-healthinsurance, retirement plans, life insurance programs, and so on;

5. Be responsible for the maintenance of employeerecords.


Tel: +86-738-8325200

Office of Personnel Management, Hunan University ofHumanities, Science and Technology,  

Dixing Rd. Loudi City,Hunan,China,417000